Top 10 Countries with the Highest Number of Internet Users

The number of internet users worldwide grows year after year.

In general, bigger populations are more likely to have more internet users, however, certain countries defy this pattern.

Below, we’ll go further into the data to determine which nations now have the most internet users.

Highest Number of Internet Users

  • China has over 1 billion internet users
  • More than 90% of Americans use the internet
  • Between 59.9% and 68.3% of the global population are online
  • 24% of internet users live in East Asia
  • Northern Europe has the highest internet penetration rate (97.4%)
  • South Africans average a global-high 9 hours 38 minutes per day on the internet

Which nation has the most internet users?

Given its massive population, China leads the way in terms of Highest Number of Internet Users, with an estimated 1.05 billion. In China, almost three out of every four persons (74.36%) utilize the internet.

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Number of Internet Users

India presently ranks second, with little under half of its population (49.15%) utilizing the internet, totaling 692 million people.

The United States finishes out the top three, with 311.3 million of its 331.9 million people utilizing the internet (93.79%).


Here are the top 25 nations ranked by total number of internet users:

RankNationRegionInternet UsersPopulationInternet Penetration Rate
1ChinaAsia1.05 billion1.412 billion74.36%
2IndiaAsia692 million1.408 billion49.15%
3USNorth America311.3 million331.9 million93.79%
4IndonesiaAsia212.9 million273.8 million77.76%
5BrazilSouth America181.8 million214.3 million84.83%
6RussiaEurope/Asia127.6 million143.4 million88.98%
7NigeriaAfrica122.5 million213.4 million57.41%
8JapanAsia102.5 million125.7 million81.54%
9MexicoNorth America100.6 million126.7 million79.4%
10PakistanAsia87.35 million231.4 million37.75%
11PhilippinesAsia85.16 million113.9 million74.77%
12EgyptAfrica80.75 million109.3 million73.88%
13VietnamAsia77.93 million97.47 million79.95%
14GermanyEurope77.53 million83.2 million93.19%
15TurkeyEurope/Asia71.38 million84.78 million84.19%
16IranAsia69.83 million87.92 million79.42%
17BangladeshAsia66.94 million169.4 million39.52%
18UKEurope66.11 million67.33 million98.19%
19ThailandAsia61.21 million71.6 million85.49%
20FranceEurope59.94 million67.75 million88.47%
21ItalyEurope50.78 million59.11 million85.91%
22South KoreaAsia50.56 million51.74 million97.72%
23SpainEurope45.12 million47.42 million95.15%
24ArgentinaSouth America39.79 million45.81 million86.85%
25PolandEurope36.68 million37.75 million97.17%
Source: Data Reportal

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Internet Adoption Statistics By Nation

In total, four countries have an internet adoption rate of 99%

  • Ireland
  • Norway
  • Saudi Arabia
  • UAE

Here are the top 10 nations by internet adoption rate:

RankNationRegionInternet Adoption
=1Saudi ArabiaAsia99%
8South KoreaAsia97.6%
13New ZealandOceania95.9%
18CanadaNorth America93.8%
=19Hong KongAsia93.1%
Source: Data Reportal

Internet Adoption Statistics: By Region

East Asia is home to around one-quarter (24%) of all internet users. This densely populated area has an internet penetration rate of 74.3%, over 10% higher than the world average (64.4%).

In reality, Asia accounts for the bulk of internet users (57.9%).

Northern Europe has the world’s highest internet penetration (97.4%).

East Africa has the lowest internet penetration rate, at 23.1%.

The entire list of worldwide internet users and adoption rates by region is shown below:

RegionShare of Global Internet UsersInternet Penetration Rate
East Asia24%74.3%
South Asia18.5%47.4%
South-East Asia10%75.6%
South America6.8%80.6%
North America6.7%92%
Eastern Europe4.9%86.9%
West Asia4.3%75.3%
West Africa4%48%
Western Europe3.5%93.5%
North Africa3.3%65.9%
Southern Europe2.6%88.4%
Central America2.6%74.9%
East Africa2.1%23.1%
Northern Europe2%97.4%
Central Africa1.1%27.9%
Central Asia1.1%72.5%
South Africa0.9%70.6%
Source: Data ReportalStatista

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Global Internet Users Across Time

The actual number of worldwide internet users is difficult to determine. However, some trustworthy sources give the range between 4.8 billion and 5.47 billion. That indicates between 59.9% and 68.3% of the world’s population is online.

Here’s the number of internet users according to a few different reputable sources:

SourceInternet UsersPercentage of Population
Internet World Stats5.47 billion68.3%
ITU5.31 billion66.3%
CIA World Factbook5.05 billion63%
World Bank4.8 billion59.9%

According to Data Reportal data, the number of internet users has risen by around two times since 2013.

Here’s how the worldwide internet user base has developed over the last 11 years:

YearInternet UsersIncrease Over Previous Year
20132.534 billion
20142.8 billion+10.5%
20153.004 billion+7.3%
20163.423 billion+13.9%
20173.679 billion+7.5%
20183.977 billion+8.1%
20194.335 billion+9%
20204.627 billion+6.7%
20214.962 billion+7.2%
20225.060 billion+2%
20235.158 billion+1.9%
Source: Data Reportal

Unconnected populations

According to the most recent research, an estimated 2.85 billion people do not utilize the internet.

While hundreds of millions of people in South Asia utilize the internet, many more do not. South Asia is predicted to have a disconnected population of 1.0613 billion, more than double the next biggest unconnected geographical population (East Asia’s 426.6 million).

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RankRegionPeople Who Do Not Use the Internet
1South Asia1.0613 billion
2East Asia426.6 million
3East Africa368.2 million
4West Africa225.7 million
5South-East Asia166.7 million
6Central Africa143.4 million
7North Africa89.3 million
8South America84.8 million
9West Africa73.1 million
10Central America45.2 million
11Eastern Europe37.8 million
12North America30.2 million
13Central Asia21.4 million
14South Africa20.3 million
15Southern Europe17.5 million
16Caribbean14 million
17Western Europe12.6 million
18Oceania9.3 million
19Northern Europe2.8 million
Global2.85 billion 

In terms of countries, India has the biggest disconnected population. More than 730 million Indians, or 51.3% of the population, do not utilize the internet.

RankNationRegionUnconnected Population% of Offline Population
7DR CongoAfrica77,568,00077.1%

Unsurprisingly, heavily populous countries dominate the top ten disconnected countries.

When the fraction of disconnected persons is taken into account, the list seems to change dramatically.

More over 90 percent of North Korea, South Sudan, and Somalia are down.

RankNationRegion% of Offline PopulationUnconnected Population
1North KoreaAsia>99.9%No data
2South SudanAfrica93%10,223,000

International Internet Use by Device

South Africans use the internet the most, at an average of 9 hours and 38 minutes every day.

Brazil, the Philippines, Argentina, and Colombia follow closely after, with each averaging more than 9 hours of internet usage each day.

The top countries in terms of average daily internet use are shown below:

CountryAverage Daily Time Spent Using the Internet
South Africa9 hours 38 minutes
Brazil9 hours 32 minutes
Philippines9 hours 14 minutes
Argentina9 hours 1 minute
Colombia9 hours 1 minute
Chile8 hours 36 minutes
Mexico8 hours 7 minutes
Malaysia8 hours 6 minutes
Thailand8 hours 6 minutes
Russia7 hours 57 minutes
Worldwide6 hours 37 minutes


According to the most recent statistics, 56.9% of internet access is via mobile devices. Computers account for 43.1% of all internet usage.

Filipinos spend an average of 5 hours and 31 minutes per day using mobile devices to access the internet, which is 1 hour and 3 minutes greater than the worldwide average.

CountryAverage Daily Time Spent Using the Internet on Mobile
Philippines5 hours, 31 minutes
Brazil5 hours, 28 minutes
South Africa5 hours, 13 minutes
Thailand5 hours, 5 minutes
Nigeria5 hours, 2 minutes
Argentina4 hours, 53 minutes
Indonesia4 hours, 50 minutes
Colombia4 hours, 46 minutes
Chile4 hours, 32 minutes
Worldwide4 hours, 28 minutes

According to current research, 100% of Moroccan individuals aged 18 to 64 use smartphones to access the internet.

In sum, Africa has four of the top ten countries in terms of smartphone internet availability.

92.3% of people worldwide use their smartphones to access the internet.

Country% of Population Who Access the Internet via a Smartphone
South Africa97.6%


South Africa has the most average time spent using a computer to browse the internet (4 hours and 25 minutes). That amount is 1 hour and 34 minutes higher than the worldwide average of 2 hours and 51 minutes.

CountryAverage Daily Time Spent Using the Internet on Computer
South Africa4 hours, 25 minutes
Russia4 hours, 17 minutes
Colombia4 hours, 11 minutes
Argentina4 hours, 6 minutes
Brazil4 hours, 4 minutes
Portugal3 hours, 56 minutes
Chile3 hours, 50 minutes
Philippines3 hours, 43 minutes
Malaysia3 hours, 38 minutes
Singapore3 hours, 36 minutes
Worldwide2 hours, 51 minutes

The great majority of Czechs (84.9%) use computers to access the internet.

Europe is home to seven of the top ten countries in terms of population access to the internet via computer.

Country% of Population Who Access the Internet via a Computer

10 Pakistan


Pakistan has a total population of 227.3 million in January 2022.

Data suggest that Pakistan’s population will expand by 4.3 million (+1.9 percent) from 2021 and 2022.

48.5 percent of Pakistan’s population is female, while 51.5 percent is male.

At the start of 2022, 37.8 percent of Pakistan’s population resided in cities, with 62.2 percent living in rural regions.

09 Mexico

shutterstock 1222044724v2

Mobile and fixed broadband internet download and upload speeds in Mexico in 2023. In August 2023, Mexico’s median mobile internet download speed was 25.82 Mbps, while the median fixed broadband download speed was 61.37 Mbps. Furthermore, more than 96 million Mexicans are expected to be internet users by the end of 2023.

However, social networking and instant messaging are the most popular online activity among Mexicans, with more than 87 percent of the population using these platforms, making social networks the most popular kind of program on the country’s mobile devices.

08 Japan

230210161917 01 japan never traveler culture tokyo

As of January 2023, Japan has 102.5 million internet users. At the start of 2023, Japan had an internet penetration rate of 82.9% of its entire population. According to Kepios study, the number of internet users in Japan declined by 542 thousand (-0.5 percent) between 2022 and 2023.

Japan’s existing fiber-optic commercial internet connections employ optical fiber transmission windows known as L and C multi-core fiber (MCF) bands to transfer data over great distances at high speeds.

07 Nigeria

2022 09 16 Shutterstock 1481073440 1200x675

As of January 2023, Nigeria has over 122 million active internet users, which accounts for almost half of the population.

According to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), the nation has around 222.5 million telephone users by the end of 2022. There are around 215 million active mobile phone subscribers. Given the vast market prospects, the nation continues to rely on other countries, particularly Asia, for device manufacture.

06 Russia

Russia Day

There were 127.6 million internet users in the Russian Federation at the start of 2023, when internet penetration stood at 88.2 percent.

In 2022, Freedom House assessed Russia’s internet freedom at 23 out of 100 points, citing state-led interventions such as information prohibitions and site blocking.

05 Brazil

Brazil Rio 1048x524 1

In 2011, Brazil ranked fifth in the world, with almost 89 million Internet users, or 45% of the population. In March 2022, Brazil was placed 33rd in the Ookla Broadband Ranking (fixed broadband), with a median fixed broadband speed of 90 Mbit/s.

04 Indonesia

GettyImages 816094118

According to the most recent poll, Indonesia will have around 188.6 million active social media users (logging in at least once per month) in 2022. This represents about 68.9% of the targeted demographics. Also, from 2021 to 2022, the number of users increased by 12.6%.

03 United States


As of January 2023, the United States has roughly 311 million internet users. Meanwhile, over 246 million people used social media. As of the third quarter of 2022, more than 90% of US internet users accessed the internet using a mobile phone.

02 India

Gateway monument India entrance Mumbai Harbour coast

According to Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology (MeITY), India is now the world’s most connected country, with over 800 million broadband customers.

In 2023, India had more over 1.2 billion internet users nationwide. This amount is expected to rise to over 1.6 billion by 2050, suggesting a significant market potential for internet services in the South Asian nation.

01 China

46d82e1a0b0100936591de3958f3408d.Persuasion in China

China became the nation with the greatest Internet population in 2008, and it still is as of 2023. In July 2023, 1.05 billion people (73.7% of the total population) in China used the internet.

BEIJING, Aug. 28 (Xinhua) — China’s internet users totaled 1.079 billion by June 2023, an increase of 11.09 million since December 2022, alongside steady growth in internet applications, a report revealed Monday.

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