Top 10 Best National Parks in the USA: Charm and Natural Beauty

Top 10 Best National Parks in the USA

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This article will guide you through the top 10 best national parks in the USA, each with its own charm and natural beauty. The US has a wealth of natural beauty, and its national parks showcase it.

The US’s national parks give a chance to experience nature’s beauty, from rocky mountains to pure lakes and spectacular canyons.

10 Utah’s Arches National Park

Top 10 Best National Parks in the USA 2

Arches National Park’s 2,000 sandstone arches, eroded over millennia, are otherworldly. Delicate Arch, a park symbol, must be seen. The park’s blazing red rocks glow against the blue sky.

LocationGrand County, Utah, United States
Nearest cityMoab, Utah
Coordinates38°43′41″N 109°32′24″W
Area76,679 acres (119.811 sq mi; 31,031 ha; 310.31 km2)
EstablishedApril 12, 1929, as a national monument
Visitors1,460,652 (in 2022)
Governing bodyNational Park Service
WebsiteArches National Park

09 Denali National Park, Alaska

Top 10 Best National Parks in the USA 11

North America’s highest mountain, Denali (previously Mount McKinley), located in Denali National Park. This enormous wilderness protects grizzlies, wolves, and moose. Bus trips, hiking, and climbing are available.

LocationDenali Borough and Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Alaska, United States
Nearest cityHealy
Coordinates63.43°N 150.32°W
Area4,740,911 acres (19,185.79 km2) (park) and 1,304,242 acres (5,278.08 km2) (preserve)
EstablishedFebruary 26, 1917
Visitors427,562 (in 2022)
Governing bodyNational Park Service
WebsiteDenali National Park & Preserve

08 Glacier National Park, Montana

Top 10 Best National Parks in the USA

Glacier National Park has beautiful lakes, high peaks, and glaciers (albeit they are vanishing). Going-to-the-Sun Road has stunning views, and the park has several hiking paths.

LocationFlathead County & Glacier County, Montana, United States
Nearest cityColumbia Falls, Montana
Coordinates48°45′18″N 113°48′00″W
Area1,013,322 acres (4,100.77 km2)
EstablishedMay 11, 1910
Visitors2,908,458 (in 2022)
Governing bodyNational Park Service
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Part ofWaterton-Glacier International Peace Park
CriteriaNatural: vii, ix
Inscription1995 (19th Session)

07 Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Top 10 Best National Parks in the USA 4

The complex hoodoos of Bryce Canyon glow bright at dawn and twilight. Walking routes into the canyon are the greatest way to see the park’s unique nature.

LocationGarfield County and Kane County, Utah, United States
Nearest cityTropic, Panguitch
Coordinates37°35′N 112°11′W
Area35,835 acres (145.02 km2)
EstablishedFebruary 25, 1928
Visitors2,354,660 (in 2022)
Governing bodyNational Park Service
WebsiteBryce Canyon National Park

06 Great Smoky Mountains National Park—NC/TN

Top 10 Best National Parks in the USA

The misty Great Smoky Mountains are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park has beautiful woodlands, varied fauna, and several hiking paths, including a stretch of the Appalachian Trail.

LocationSwain & Haywood counties in North Carolina; Sevier, Blount, & Cocke counties in Tennessee, United States
Nearest cityCherokee, North Carolina, Bryson City, North Carolina, Townsend, Tennessee, Cosby, Tennessee and Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Coordinates35°36′N 83°31′W
Area522,419 acres (2,114.15 km2)
Visitors14,137,812 (in 2020)
Governing bodyNational Park Service
WebsiteGreat Smoky Mountains National Park
UNESCO World Heritage Site
CriteriaNatural: vii, viii, ix, x
Inscription1983 (7th Session)

05 Acadia National Park, Maine

Top 10 Best National Parks in the USA 6

Acadia National Park has stunning beaches, lush woods, and granite peaks. Cadillac Mountain gives one of the continental US’s early sunrises. Hiking, biking, and seaside village charm are all great in the park.

LocationHancock & Knox counties, Maine, United States
Nearest cityBar Harbor
Coordinates44°21′N 68°13′W
Area49,075 acres (198.60 km2)
861.46 acres (348.62 ha; 3.4862 km2) private (in 2017)
EstablishedJuly 8, 1916 (as Sieur de Monts National Monument)
February 26, 1919
(as Lafayette National Park)
January 19, 1929
(as Acadia National Park)
Visitors2,669,034 (in 2020)
Governing bodyNational Park Service
WebsiteOfficial website

04 Zion National Park, Utah

Top 10 Best National Parks in the USA 7

The Virgin River sculpted vertical red sandstone canyons in Zion National Park. The scarlet cliffs and emerald ponds make hiking a magical experience. Famous river slot canyon hikes include the Narrows.

LocationWashington, Kane, and Iron counties, Utah, United States
Nearest citySpringdale (south), Orderville (east) and Cedar City near Kolob Canyon entrance
Coordinates37°18′N 113°00′W
Area146,597 acres (229.058 sq mi; 59,326 ha; 593.26 km2)
EstablishedNovember 19, 1919
Visitors4,692,417 (in 2022)
Governing bodySpringdale (south), Orderville (east), and Cedar City near Kolob Canyon entrance
WebsiteZion National Park

03 Yosemite National Park, California

Top 10 Best National Parks in the USA

Yosemite has granite cliffs, waterfalls, and green valleys. Rock climbers from throughout the globe visit El Capitan and Half Dome. The park’s pristine environment and diversified ecosystems attract outdoor enthusiasts.

LocationTuolumne, Mariposa, Mono and Madera Counties, California, United States
Nearest cityMariposa, California
Coordinates37°44′33″N 119°32′15″W
Area759,620 acres (3,074.1 km2)
EstablishedOctober 1, 1890
Visitors3,667,550 (in 2022)
Governing bodyNational Park Service
WebsiteYosemite National Park
UNESCO World Heritage Site
CriteriaNatural: vii, viii
Inscription1984 (8th Session)

02 Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Top 10 Best National Parks in the USA

The Grand Canyon is a sight to see. Its enormous breadth, which the Colorado River carved over millions of years, preserves geological history. Hiking its rim or diving into its depths is memorable.

LocationCoconino and Mohave counties, Arizona, United States
Nearest cityFredonia, Arizona (North Rim)
Tusayan, Arizona (South Rim)
Coordinates36°03′19″N 112°07′19″W
Area1,217,262 acres (4,926.08 km2)
EstablishedFebruary 26, 1919
Visitors4,732,101 (in 2022)
Governing bodyNational Park Service
WebsiteGrand Canyon National Park
UNESCO World Heritage Site
CriteriaNatural: vii, viii, ix, x
Inscription1979 (3rd Session)

01 Yellowstone National Park—Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho

Top 10 Best National Parks in the USA

American icon Yellowstone National Park. It has Old Faithful and other geothermal attractions. Yellowstone’s various landscapes are home to grizzly bears, wolves, and bison, making it a wildlife lover’s heaven.

LocationUnited States, Park County, Wyoming Teton County, Wyoming; Gallatin County, Montana, Park County, Montana, Fremont County, Idaho
Nearest townWest Yellowstone, Montana
Coordinates44°35′47″N 110°32′50″W
Area2,219,791 acres (8,983.18 km2)
Elevation8,104 ft (2,470 m)
EstablishedMarch 1, 1872; 151 years ago
Visitors3,290,242 (in 2022)
Governing bodyU.S. National Park Service
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Criteriavii, viii, ix, x
Designated1978 (2nd session)
Reference no.28
RegionThe Americas


The top 10 US national parks showcase the nation’s natural splendor and dedication to preservation. Each park has distinct geological features, ecosystems, and outdoor activities. These national parks are great getaways from daily life for hikers, animal enthusiasts, and environmental lovers. Take your hiking boots and camera and explore America’s national parks.

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