Top 10 Most Accessible Shakespeare Screenplays Unlock His Genius

Top 10 Most Accessible Shakespeare Screenplays Unlock His Genius

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Step into the world of timeless drama and poetic brilliance as we unveil the Top 10 Most Accessible Shakespeare Screenplays that are a must-watch for any lover of the arts.

  • From the iconic tragedy of “Romeo and Juliet” to the mesmerizing “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” these adaptations bring Shakespeare’s immortal words to life on the silver screen.
  • Whether you’re a devoted Shakespeare aficionado or a newcomer to his unparalleled works, these screenplays promise to captivate, enthrall, and transport you to another era.
  • Indulge in the eloquence of Shakespeare’s language, the depth of his characters, and the universal themes that continue to resonate through the ages.
  • Join us as we delve into the magic of these cinematic interpretations, celebrating the enduring legacy of the Bard.
  • Prepare to be spellbound as we guide you through the finest cinematic renditions of Shakespeare’s masterpieces, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of cinematic magic.
  • Whether you’re drawn to romance, tragedy, or comedy, there’s a Shakespeare screenplay for every discerning viewer.

10 The Taming of the Shrew

Top 10 Most Accessible Shakespeare Screenplays Unlock His Genius

Until her haughty elder sister Katherina weds, Lucentio will have to wait to pursue his love for Bianca. The oddball Petruccio marries the hesitant Katherina and employs a variety of strategies to turn her into a compliant wife. Katherina wins a competition to determine which wife is the most submissive after Lucentio marries Bianca.

Originally published: May 2, 1594

Playwright: William Shakespeare

Characters: Petruchio, Katherina (Kate) Minola, Lucentio, Tranio

09 Othello

Top 10 Most Accessible Shakespeare Screenplays Unlock His Genius 1

The play Othello opens in the middle of a heated fight between the wealthy Roderigo and the jealous Iago on a street in Venice. To help him woo Desdemona, Roderigo has been offering Iago money. Iago serves reluctantly as an ensign to General Othello, but Roderigo has just learned that Desdemona has married him. Because Othello promoted an inexperienced soldier named Michael Cassio to lieutenant instead of Iago, Iago claims he hates him.

Originally published: November 1, 1604

Playwright: William Shakespeare

Characters: Iago, Othello, Desdemona, Cassio, Roderigo, Brabantio

Adapted from: Un Capitano Moro

08 Much ado about nothing

Top 10 Most Accessible Shakespeare Screenplays Unlock His Genius

Young Hero and her lover Claudio are at the core of Much Ado About Nothing’s storyline, but the play’s clever verbal sparring between Claudio’s companion Benedick and Hero’s cousin Beatrice frequently steals the show. The play’s action opens in Messina when Don Pedro’s victorious army returns home.

Playwright: William Shakespeare

Characters: Benedick, Beatrice, Leonato, Dogberry, Don Pedro

First performance: 1612

Genre: Comedy

Original language: Early Modern English

Setting: Messina, Italy

07 Macbeth

Top 10 Most Accessible Shakespeare Screenplays Unlock His Genius

Macbeth, a Scottish commander, is told by three witches that he will become king of Scotland. Macbeth murders the king, becomes king himself, and then kills additional people out of paranoia, all with his wife’s encouragement. More people lose their lives as a civil war breaks out to depose Macbeth.

Playwright: William Shakespeare

First performance: 1606

Characters: Lady Macbeth, King Duncan, Banquo, Macbeth

Genre: Tragedy

06 Hamlet

Top 10 Most Accessible Shakespeare Screenplays Unlock His Genius

Synopsis of “Hamlet” The murdered king of Denmark appears to his son, Hamlet, in a vision and orders him to take revenge on his uncle, the new king. Hamlet pretends to be insane, thinks deeply about his own mortality, and plots his vengeance. Hamlet’s uncle, equally concerned about his safety, hatches plans to eliminate the prince.

Playwright: William Shakespeare

Characters: Ophelia, Claudius, Polonius, Laertes, Horatio, Gertrude

Genres: Tragedy, Drama

Country: England

Original language: Early Modern English

Setting: Denmark

05 The Tempest

Top 10 Most Accessible Shakespeare Screenplays Unlock His Genius

Analysis of The Tempest. The survivors of a shipwreck, including the King of Naples and Prospero’s evil brother, Antonio, are tormented by Prospero’s magical storm. Ariel, Prospero’s spirit servant, foils Caliban’s attempt to escape from his master, Prospero.

First performance: November 1, 1611

Characters: Prospero, Caliban, Ariel, Miranda, Stephano, Gonzalo

Playwright: William Shakespeare

Genres: Drama, Tragicomedy, Romantic comedy

Illustrator: London

04 As You Like It

Top 10 Most Accessible Shakespeare Screenplays Unlock His Genius

In the jungle, Rosalind and her cousin end up finding Orlando, the man she loves. Rosalind, in the form of a child shepherd, has Orlando court her under the pretext of “curing” him of his love for her. At the play’s conclusion, Rosalind comes out as a female and marries Orlando in a joint ceremony.

Originally published: 1623

Playwright: William Shakespeare

Characters: Rosalind, Jaques, Orlando, Celia, Duke Senior

03 Twelfth Night

Top 10 Most Accessible Shakespeare Screenplays Unlock His Genius

Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is one of the most melancholy comedies ever written. The play’s tragic undercurrents, with its potential for disaster, are most pronounced in Act III. Shakespeare often utilized a five-act format, and the climax, or the most dramatic turning moment, occurs in the middle of Act Three.

Characters: Malvolio, Viola, Duke Orsino, Feste, Olivia

Playwright: William Shakespeare

First performance: February 2, 1602

02 A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Top 10 Most Accessible Shakespeare Screenplays Unlock His Genius

Shakespeare’s comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream was composed in 1595–1596. The play takes place in Athens and has many narrative lines that all relate to the wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta. In one plotline, four Athenians in love are at odds with one another. Another shows the rehearsals of a group of six amateur actors who are putting together a play for the wedding. Both parties end up in a forest populated by manipulative fairies who are embroiled in their own family drama. The play is often staged since it is considered one of Shakespeare’s best.

Originally published: 1600

Playwright: William Shakespeare

Genre: Shakespearean comedy; English Renaissance theatre

Original language: Early Modern English

Setting: Athens

01 Romeo and Juliet

Top 10 Most Accessible Shakespeare Screenplays Unlock His Genius

Bloodshed breaks out between two strong families with a long-standing grudge. A gang of disguised Montagues attacks a party hosted by the rival Capulet family. Romeo Montague, a young man smitten by youthful love, meets Juliet Capulet, whose arranged marriage to the County of Paris is opposed by Romeo.

The ladies plan for Romeo and Juliet to wed the next day with the assistance of Juliet’s nurse, but Romeo is exiled when his effort to stop a street brawl results in the murder of Juliet’s own cousin Tybalt. Following the Friar’s plan, Juliet fakes her own death to be reunited with Romeo. Romeo, mistaking the tomb for Juliet’s grave, kills himself since he has not received the message. When Juliet discovers Romeo dead at her side, she takes her own life. The mourning relatives make peace with one another.

Originally published: 1597

Playwright: William Shakespeare

Adapted from: The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet

Genre: Tragedy

Lyricist: William Shakespeare

Characters: Romeo, Mercutio, Juliet, Friar Laurence, Tybalt

Series: First Quarto


Shakespeare’s plays have captivated viewers for generations. The top ten most approachable Shakespearean plays include a wide spectrum of topics, feelings, and points of view. Explore timeless stories, universal ideas, and the human experience with these easily readable plays. These plays provide as an introduction to both Shakespeare the “Bard of Avon” and his extensive body of work.

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